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What is iWebReader ?

iWebReader reads the content of a website aloud. It can be used on any website, making it more attractive and accessible to all (including the visually impaired, partially sighted, elderly or dyslectic persons). iWebReader is compatible with the most popular browsers.


Benefits of voicing your webpage

  • A more attractive and functional website
  • Easy access for website users – just click "Play" on the player's panel and listen to the text.
  • Enhanced accessibility features that will increase the number of the elderly users or people with disabilities being able to access web pages.

What do you get?

  • Adding voice to your website.
  • You can customize the player’s interface - skins and sizes.
  • You can use voices of a 22kHz sampling frequency (female, male).
  • Adjustable pace and volume of reading.
  • Optional feature of downloading read texts as an MP3 file directly from your web page.
So far 2610201 generated recordings!

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